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Netflix's Orange is The New Black goes there. Immigration.

Immigration - Since its inception, Netflix’s OITNB has been a lot more than just a successful show; it has been an unapologetic eye-opener. Their last and final season started, as usual, slow but steady, which allowed the audience to have those “Oh I remember now” moments. They quickly shifted into gear and went back to their beginnings, where they showed how difficult life after prison can be. In season one, Taystee (Danielle Brooks) has her parole meeting, and she learns that she is getting out. When she is released, she stays at a house with someone she was in foster care with. Taystee quickly realizes she cannot adjust to the fast-paced real world and strict demands of her probation, which has her sleeping on the floor of her second cousin, who does not want her there. It is later revealed that Vee was nowhere to be found during Taystee's release. She decides to purposely violate her probation which puts her back at Litchfield.

This narrative continues as they continued to follow the struggles Pipes (Taylor Schilling) is facing after she pays her dues to society. The show rapidly expresses how you can continue to pay these dues for the rest of your life. This time around, there was an unexpected but familiar main character. Blanca Flores (Laura Gomez) & Karla Cordova (Karina Arroyave) – In a world-class performance, managed to accurately display the pain and suffering that thousands of immigrants experience every day.

Although it is not for us to say that all I.C.E. officers behave and mistreat detainees as they portrayed on the show, the detention quarters were a fair assessment. When you are in prison, your freedom and the majority of your everyday life privileges get taken away. When you are in immigration your dignity gets taken away. However, no one can take your rights away; unless you let them. Karla Cordova put up a legal fight, that accurate demonstrate, how every case, with courage, determination, and the right legal knowledge, can go a long way.

On the other end, Blanca borrows from Karla's advice and intense drive to succeed and manages to successfully get victory on her own. Karla's story does have a sad ending. Karla's story is real and is happening to immigrants every day, not only on the southern U.S. border but around the world. We pride ourselves on being a very centrist and non-biased medium, and we'll continue to stay that way, we will continue to stay away from politics and closer to people. OITNB managed to touch our hearts. Karla Cordova's story managed to touch our souls.

You can make an impact on someone's life by donating to the Immigrant Defenders Law Center.



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