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What Da Pho? Wich Pho

Pho - With the evacuation of American troops from Saigon in 1975, one of the largest mass movements of people in modern history began. Many Vietnamese who had supported the United States' presence in their homeland fled the approaching army from the North. Fearful of the Communist government (Liu, 1979), they left their homes and often portions of their family in order to seek refuge in other countries. In April 1975, "over 40,000 Vietnamese were evacuated by airplane and helicopter from Saigon, and an additional 67,000 Vietnamese escaped by boat into the South China Sea” (Brown, 1981:1).

Many of these Vietnamese refugees arrived in Oklahoma City. Since then, hard-working Vietnamese immigrants have been spicing up Oklahoma City with banh mi, curried frogs' legs, and pho.

Today we are not necessarily writing about the thriving Asian district in Oklahoma City, but rather how the magnificent Vietnamese cuisine has made its way towards the suburbs.

We must be the first to admit that we struggled at first and were very hesitant to drift away from the core dispensary of flavor, but eventually, we found our way. And the way was in Yukon, Oklahoma, the home of Garth Brooks.

The place, Wich Pho, located at 1781 Garth Brooks Blvd, Yukon, OK 73099 – Wich Pho managed to embrace the fast-casual concept while delivering the Saigon-rooted taste of Pho. We had an excellent experience. The calm atmosphere, the good prices, and the great tasting food all spelled: come back, and so we will.

pho in yukon oklahoma
pho soup
wich pho


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